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I grew up in a house with art all around me.  My mother did about everything, grandmother was a watercolor artist and my aunt is a portrait artist.  I have been trying to find my niche for years.  I love quilting but needed to find an art that I can take on the go, as my kids are always playing sports.  This is when I went back to my drawing days.  I have spent most my time doing pet portraits. I then bought a kiln if I didn't have enough on my plate to try glass again 20 years later. Now I have a new love of color. With this I created a platter and entered it into ArtPop Street Gallery and I WON myself a billboard with my art on it! If you happen to be driving on I-85N just north of Charlotte you can see my work on a BILLBOARD.  If you like what you see please reach out to me.

Screenshot 2021-12-18 5.24_edited.png

Selected as ArtPop Street Gallery Artist in Charlotte North Carolina 2022



Concord, NC


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